North Carolina Veterans to Legislators: We Protected Our Country. Now You Must Protect Our Elections.

by Voting Rights Lab Action

August 16, 2021

The following is a statement signed by veterans of the United States Armed Forces that live across the state of North Carolina:

“As veterans of the United States military, we believe in the freedom to vote and fair elections free from partisan interference. This is one of the cornerstones of American democracy that we risked our lives defending. As the North Carolina General Assembly focuses on passing a budget that works for the people of North Carolina, we are urging legislators to remove provisions that would weaken confidence in our voting systems, inject more partisanship in our elections, and restrict our freedom to vote. We did our job serving and protecting our country. Now the North Carolina General Assembly must do its job in protecting our elections.”

Donnie Banks, U.S. Army
Morganton, NC

Michael Niedermayer, U.S. Air Force
Clayton, NC

Merilyn Carson, U.S. Air Force
Fletcher, NC 

LaFaitre Pelzer, U.S. Army
Winston-Salem, NC

Kenneth Slankard, U.S. Army
Hope Mills, NC

Robin Viviano, U.S. Air Force
Cary, NC

Doreen Carroll, U.S. Navy
Waynesville, NC

Brian O’Connor, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy
Marion, NC

Heather Murphy, U.S. Air Force
Cary, NC

Jerry Lambert, U.S. Army
Asheboro, NC

Carrie Piazza, U.S. Air Force
Denver, NC

Sammie McCall, U.S. Army
Charlotte, NC

Beth Berman, U.S. Army
Durham, NC

Philip Johnson, U.S. Navy
Durham, NC

Bruno Pavone, U.S. Navy
Clayton, NC

Sherry Bowen, U.S. Air Force
Brevard, NC

Bethany Dusenberry, U.S. Army
Hendersonville, NC

Alan Linn, U.S. Navy
Hickory, NC

Stephanie Porter, U.S. Army
Fayetteville, NC

Alan Burne, U.S. Navy
Greenville, NC

Ted Spencer, U.S. Navy
Raleigh, NC

Joseph Gardner, U.S. Navy
Cornelius, NC

Andrew Aguilar, U.S. Air Force
Wilmington, NC

Aurelie Ward, U.S. Army
Statesville, NC

Edward Corcoran, U.S. Army
Garner, NC